Car Wrap Cost:
A quality paint job that mimics the original look of your vehicle when you purchased it can run anywhere from £1,500 to more than £10,000, depending on the type of paint you opt for and the colour you choose.  Vehicle wraps are somewhat less expensive, ranging in price from £500 for something like the roof or the hood, up to £5,000 for a complete overhaul with premium everything.  At half the price of a paint job, they’re already a bargain, but they also last a long time as well.  A typical vinyl one lasts a few years.
Create the Perfect Look: 
When choosing a vehicle from a dealership, you’re given a limited number of standard colour choices.  Every single person gets the same options to pick from, so the chance of your vehicle standing out in the crowd is zero.  Vinyl wraps are the game changer.  Choose any color you think of, add any digitally printed graphic, design, or logo you want, and customize to the max.  The possibilities are endless.  We’ve done everything from the pink, color-shifting Lamborghini with racing stripes, to a carbon-fiber metallic speed boat, to truck camo vinyl.
Delivery Time:
Have you ever asked how long it takes to repaint a car?  It can take weeks for a new paint job or a repaint, which means you’re stuck in a rental vehicle while the work is performed.  And while you patiently wait, guess who pays for that rental vehicle… Car, truck, van, boat wraps and more can be done in a matter of days, most often less than a week.  Don’t wait half a month to get your vehicle back.  Wrap it and have it back in your driveway in a few days.Paint Protection:
Driving anywhere leads to frequent scratches as rocks kick up from the road and bounce off your paint job, and that’s before weather damage is factored in.  Vehicle wrap vinyl is up to 4 mm thick, which protects the paint from the weather and hazards of the road.  If you ever choose to have a wrap removed, trust the professionals to do it.Easy Cleaning:
If you’ve ever waxed your vehicle, you know the pain-staking effort that goes into it as your entire day disappears.  What if you never had to do it again?  Cleaning an auto wrap is easy.  Soap and water works just fine or take a quick drive through the touchless carwash.  Never use abrasive tools.

Life Expectancy:
The life expectancy of a car wrap is heavily dependent on the quality of the material, which is why we offer only the highest grade vinyl films available.  With our full vinyl wraps, you can expect a life of 3-5 years.  Should you ever choose to remove it, the paint underneath remains unaffected, looking good as new.

Advertising (Wrapvertising):

Have you ever sat at a red light, starring at the car in front of you or looking around while you wait?  (Yes!), we all have…every day on the way to work.  Now, imagine having your whole fleet of automobiles branded to advertise for your company.  Everywhere you go, people start seeing your name.  Case studies have shown a huge return on investment (ROI) in addition to a major increase in brand name recall, which is key for a company that wants to be the leader in a niche.  This is a smart area to spend some marketing dollars.

Resale Value:
​When you paint a vehicle, its resale value decreases because it’s no longer original.  Auto wraps allow you to completely change the look and style of your car, while maintaining its value and creating a protective barrier against the elements.  Take it off if you don’t want it anymore and your paint job is still in perfect condition.

We get thousands of questions on car and truck color changes, vehicle graphics, the wrapping process, cost, and much more, so we’ve listed the most frequently asked questions below.  Read through if you have any questions.  Still need help? No worries!  Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to chat.