Color Change Vinyl Wrap

Are you looking to change the color of your ride? Vinyl wrap is hands down the best option for a vehicle color change. When compared to other options for a vehicle color changes, vinyl wrap is more affordable, durable, and reliable and offers a range of color options that aren’t available with any other product.

At Vivid Wraps we specialise in car, truck, and SUV vinyl wraps. Our installers have years of experience, they will ensure there are no bubbles, tears, streaks, or wrinkles in your wrap. We have perfected the ability to minimise seams, tuck corners properly, and prep your vehicle before the wrap so your investment will last.

Car wrap colour change

Car wrap colour change

Vinyl Racing Stripes

There’s no better return on investment for a sports car than a set of vinyl racing Stripes. Racing stripes turn a plain Jane ride into an aggressive beast in a matter of hours. Aftermarket racing stripes give you more options than the standard factory stripes. Whatever you can imagine, our designers will make it happen. Single tone, single stripe, dual stripe, dual stripe with pinstripe accents, we’ve seen it all.


Vinyl Racing Stripes Surrey

Vinyl Racing Stripes being applied

At Vivid Wraps, our highly trained and experienced vinyl stripe installers will ensure your striping kit is installed with perfection. Racing stripes require skill and precision to get right. Unlike a full wrap, Racing Stripes have to be measured and laid with perfection so you don’t end up with a crooked looking car or truck driving down the road. At Vivid Wraps we have perfected striping kits so they are installed with accuracy giving your ride the aggressive look you’ve been dreaming of.

Vinyl Hood Wrap

If you’re looking for that two-tone look, a vinyl hood wrap is a great option. Vinyl hood wraps offer a unique look that not many cars on the road offer. A great option for sun damaged hoods, a vinyl hood wrap is a quick, affordable solution to restore your car’s original beauty.


Car Hood Wrap / Stripes

Car hood wrap / stripes

At Vivid Wraps, our installers have perfected the hood wrap. Hood wraps often require seams because the hood is larger than a single sheet of vinyl. A professionally installed hood wrap with look exactly like paint. The seams will be hidden in a way that nobody will be able to tell your hood is Vinyl Wrapped.

Vinyl Roof Wraps

Vinyl roof wraps are common in the Phoenix Metro area. The desert sun does a good number on paint and a vinyl wrapped roof is a great way to bring your car back to life. Whether you’re looking for a two-toned look, a matching addition to your hood wrap, or hiding your sun damaged roof, a vinyl hood wrap is a great option to give your ride an edge.


Roof Wrap Range Rover

Roof Wrap Range Rover

At Vivid Wraps, our professional installers can wrap your roof so that it looks like factory paint. Roof wraps can be notoriously difficult because they require a single large sheet of vinyl to be laid with perfection on the first run. On top of that, most modern roofs have antennas smack in the center of the clean sheet of vinyl. Inexperienced wrap shops and DIY’ers often run into a lot of issues with the antenna. You’ll end up with seams and tears all around the antenna. Our installers will lay your roof wrap in such a way that you won’t be able to tell it’s been wrapped.

Vinyl Graphics

Whether you’re looking for a simple emblem overlay or complete business wrap, Vivid Wraps has you covered. With our state of the art vinyl plotting and printing equipment and expert designers, we can turn your vehicle into a moving billboard or subtle custom ride.


Bentley Continental Super Sport decal application

Bentley Continental Super Sport decal application

Our installers and designers have wrapped semi trucks, buses, trucks, and even ice cream carts for clients from celebrities to the neighborhood shop. Any vinyl graphics project you have in mind, we’ll design, plot, print, and install your next vehicle graphic.

Vinyl Pinstripes

Vinyl Pinstripes are making a comeback in a good way. With some professionally installed pinstripe accents, your ride can turn heads on every street your drive. Pinstriping can accent your car in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking to accent your racing stripes, add a subtle stripe down your side panels, or accent every edge of your car, we’ve got your covered.


Ferrari racing stripes

Vinyl Ferrari racing stripes

Vinyl Pinstriping is an art on its own. At Vivid Wraps, our installers have completed a number of projects that have become the talk of the town.

Side Mirror Vinyl Wrap

Need to add a little flair to your side mirrors or color match them to the color of the rest of your car? Vinyl wrapping your side mirrors is a great solution to spruce up those mirrors while also protecting them from the elements and road debris. Side mirrors are exposed to rocks and road debris more than most other parts on a car, truck, or SUV. It is common for side mirrors to end up with a rock of rock chips and paint damage, Vinyl Wrap can cover that damage or protect newer mirrors from receiving them in the first place.

Wrapped side mirrors VW Scirocco

Wrapped side mirrors VW Scirocco

Side mirrors are a challenging part to Vinyl Wrap properly. They have a complex shape that makes is exceptionally hard to apply flat vinyl wrap sheets to. At our Surrey Wrap shop, we have the skills and expertise to wrap your mirror in a way that makes it look like factory paint. We’ve wrapped hundreds of mirrors and you can rest assured that your mirror will look fantastic when the job is completed by Vivid Wraps