At Vivid Wraps we have an appreciation for all works of art. The modern Scirocco has been around for eight years, but still looks incredible. The GTS houses the Scirocco’s impressive 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, this engine is surprisingly powerful! Lesser Sciroccos can give you up to 178bhp in petrol form, but for the engine that always shines brightest in VW’s resurrected coupe, you’ll need the GTS. This sports coupe is a well-rounded and enjoyable car to own and drive.

Despite being able to reach 60mph in just 6.3 seconds, the Scirocco GTS can still achieve up to 46.3mpg, as well as emit a respectable 142g/km CO2. The 2.0-litre engine makes a relatively sporty noise, and the performance on tap is decent enough. When specified with the excellent six-speed gearbox it’s a hoot to drive, though the six-speed dual-clutch automatic suits the character of the car as well.


Custom Stripes & Mirrors in Hexix Satin VW Scirocco GTS


The standard GTS does look pretty good, but if you have had your GTS for a few years then why not give it a newer and cleaner look. These custom Custom stripes and mirrors in Hexis satin film just make the car pop. It keeps within what VW originally set out to do but brings this 8-year-old design model up to 2020 standards of beauty. Just look at those custom blue stripes and mirrors to match! This car will definitely turn so heads on the road; a true beauty with an aggressive look.


Custom Stripes & Mirrors in Hexix Satin VW Scirocco GTS

We are sad to see that the scirocco model has been retired but we are excited to see what the future holds for VW. With a pedigree such as theirs, we look forward to seeing and working on future sports coupes. If you have ever thought about wrapping or adding decals or livery to your Scirocco GTS, get in touch. We are the trusted source for wraps, decals and livery for all GTS owners.

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