Imagine this: a Range Rover Sport P400 plus a full matt black with gloss black accent. Now If this doesn’t sound like a perfect match then I guess you might want to reevaluate your thoughts on Range Rovers. Here at Vivid Wraps, we listen to what our customers want and we make it happen! The beautiful symphony of class and power is delivered by the all-new mild-hybrid 3.0-litre straight-six petrol engine with 395bhp. We love Range Rovers, they are known for being luxury vehicles; they have a long and proud history coming from humble beginnings of the iconic Land Rover. The Range Rover was first launched in June 1970 and it was a great success and went on to win many awards over the years.

This Range Rover Sport P400 is in a different league, the 48V mild hybrid system is designed to boost efficiency and reduce emissions. When you come off the accelerator pedal or brake, a battery is charged so an electric motor can assist the engine. Its other benefit is enhanced performance. That’s helped by an electric supercharger powered by the battery to reduce turbo lag for more immediate engine response when you put your foot down.


Range Rover Sport P400


With 395bhp, there’s no denying the new six-cylinder engine is strong, with a claimed 0-62mph time of just 5.6sec. Getting past a slower car has never been easier. It’s the most powerful of the standard petrol engines, which is more than impressive. As for the electric supercharger, the engine is surprisingly more responsive than you’d expect from a heavily turbocharged engine.


Range Rover Sport P400

With the clean look of the gloss black details on the car and with the contrast of the matt wrap finish it just works together in perfect harmony. We can all agree that the P400 is a masterpiece of old and new technology. It’s great to see Range Rover was again providing quality and assurance with their beans. This P400 does exactly what it says on the tin and especially with this finish! If you have ever thought of wrapping or adding decals or livery to your Range Rover get in touch. We are the trusted source for wraps, decals and livery for all Range Rover owners.

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