When it comes to a guide to a perfect Maserati Grantdturismo: first of all, you need the right ingredients. Take a Maserati Grandturismo, add Hexis Anthracite Matt Metallic Wrap, and finally, add a highly efficient and passionate team at Vivid Wraps. Then let the car sit and enjoy this masterpiece of fine engineering and one jaw-dropping Hexis Anthracite Matt Metallic Wrap. What can we say when this Maserati Grantdturismo rolled into Vivid Wraps? We knew that it was going to be a great car to work on and that our client would leave very happy. We are very passionate about Italian sports cars and in our eyes, they don’t get much better than Maserati’s. If you are unfamiliar with the Grandturismo then let us tell you all about the 400 bhp beauty.


Hexis Anthracite Matt Metallic Wrap Maserati Grandturismo 4


The Maserati GranTurismo looks great and sounds even better. We all love the sound of that 4.2L, V8 engine. That engine takes the car from 0-60mph in 5.0 seconds and on to a top speed of 183mph. If you were to press the Sport button, it would open two valves fitted close to the rear silencers and generate an ear-splitting roar. The Sport setting also increases available power output, accelerates shift speed and adjusts the dampers. This Maserati has a six-speed automatic gearbox that can be controlled by flappy paddles on the steering column. Not only is this Maserati looking good but it’s a great family car, with a beautiful interior and a surprising amount of space in the back with plenty of legroom for you passengers.


Hexis Anthracite Matt Metallic Wrap Maserati Grandturismo

The standard car is nothing to turn your nose up at, but as these pictures can tell you a thousand words, this wrap puts the car in a whole different league. The Hexis Anthracite Matt Metallic Wrap sets off the incredible curves of the vehicle with the combination of the wrap and that fine Italian styling, these two are a match made to be. Would you believe that this car is from 2009! With this new look, it definitely looks like it belongs in a Maserati showroom today. We are happy to share this magnificent piece of automotive magic with you and we know that our client is very happy with our work. If you have ever thought about wrapping or adding decals or livery to your Maserati, get in touch. We are the trusted source for wraps, decals and livery for all Maserati owners.

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