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Vivid Wraps is a Premiere Vinyl Car Wrapping company servicing Farnham.

Vivid Wraps specialise in Custom Car Wraps servicing Farnham. From Matte and Gloss Car Wraps to Brushed, Chrome and Colour Flip Wraps. It’s our firm belief that your car is not just a means of transportation, but also a representation of your image and reputation, which can enable you to stand out from everyone else. This is why we strive to be the best Car Wrapping Specialist in and around Farnham by providing as many Car Wrapping options as possible, allowing you to choose a service to personalise your car, making it unique and personal to you. 

We’re also dedicated to protecting your car’s original showroom finish. So whether you choose to do a full colour change Custom Car Wrap or opt to have clear paint protection film installed, your car’s original showroom finish will be completely protected underneath.

So you’re local to Farnham and want to find out more about our Car Wrapping options, feel free to give us a call or complete and submit the form.



Vivid Wraps has a reputation for consistently delivering the highest level of service in Farnham.


Full Colour Change Wraps, Farnham

One of the biggest advantages of car wraps is the flexibility and cost vs traditional paint, also, having a vinyl car wrap means that you can remove it with ease and change the colour again if you wish. Another advantage is that you have access to colours that are only available for vinyl wraps, such as Chrome and Matt finishes, meaning we can colour change your car to any colour you can imagine. Want to know more about our colour change car wraps in Farnham? Give us a call or complete a form and we’ll guide you through your options and prices.


Matte Finish Car Wraps, Farnham

A full vinyl car wrap in matte finish will completely change the look and style of your vehicle. Matte finish vinyl wraps don’t reflect as much light as other car vinyl wrapping options, whether in black, red, blue or even white. Light disperses across the car bodywork and creates softer highlights giving your car a truly amazing finish that is guaranteed to turn heads. If you’re local to Farnham, and you’re interested in a matte finish car wrap, get in contact with us today. 


Chrome Finish Car Wraps, Farnham

A chrome vinyl car wrapping is definitely the loudest and brightest of all car wraps, it gleams and reflect just like a mirror. No matter how you choose to describe it, chrome is the most mesmerising, eye catching and distinct car wrap you can have. It’s distinction comes from the inability to achieve this finish with ordinary paint. Chrome car wrapping is available in a variety of tints, from original chrome to black chrome or even pink chrome. If you’re local to Farnham and interested in getting your car wrapped in chrome, contact us today.


Satin Finish Car Wraps, Farnham

Car paint with a glossy clear coat has been the standard factory finish for decades, however, a subtle change in the clear coat is what determines a Satin or Matte finish. Satin finish car wraps have become very popular as they carry a unique, smooth, frosted and silky colour that’s only possible though today’s vinyl material. Satin is arguably the best vinyl car wrap finish you can get due to how incredibly satisfying it looks once it laid. If you want to enquire about the different satin wrap options available in Farnham or to get a quote just click on the button or give us a call today.


Brushed Finish Car Wraps, Farnham

Brushed stainless steel car wraps have been growing in popularity recently. The signature brushed metal characteristic give cars a very futuristic look, which is why Tesla opted for this for the new and polarising Cyber Truck. The easiest way to achieve the brushed steel appearance is with a brushed finish vinyl wrap. Whether you want to do an interior trim job, the hood of your Rolls Royce or the entire exterior of your car, it is guaranteed to make an impression. We only use the best grade brushed vinyl materials which are available in various colour options, of course including stainless steel.


Gloss Finish Car Wraps, Farnham

When it comes to changing the colour of your car, wrapping it in gloss is a great option. A gloss finish car wrap is often overlooked when it comes to car wrapping because the finish is so similar to paint. We think this is the best part, a striking and satisfying finish, leaving your friends guessing whether you’ve had the car re-sprayed. A gloss wrap is the ideal choice for a straight colour swap on your car because the “paint-like” appearance is indistinguishable to the naked eye. It may look like paint, shine like paint, but unlike paint its reversible. Local to Farnham? Contact us today for a quote.


Colour Flip Car Wraps, Farnham

Thinking of wrapping your car in a bold way? Opting for a colour flip wrap is definitely the boldest decision. We love wrapping cars with colour flip vinyl because of the amazing reactions we get from our clients once they see it outside in the sun. Colour flip car wraps will transform your in the sunshine making everyone look twice when you’re driving around Farnham. If you’re interested in a colour flip car wrap, contact us today for more info or a quote.

The most professional vehicle wrap company I have ever dealt with and I have wrapped and customised many cars over the years. Great “Do it right” attitude. A pleasant service experience. I would highly recommend there services.
Matthew Gall

We only use the best materials

We only use Avery Dennison, 3m, Hexis for wraps on all vehicle