Full Wrap Matt Black Range Rover Sport P400

Imagine this: a Range Rover Sport P400 plus a full matt black with gloss black accent. Now If this doesn’t sound like a perfect match then I guess you might want to reevaluate your thoughts on Range Rovers. Here at Vivid Wraps, we listen to what our customers want and we make it happen! The [...]

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Vivid Wraps Vinyl Wrap Services

Color Change Vinyl Wrap Are you looking to change the color of your ride? Vinyl wrap is hands down the best option for a vehicle color change. When compared to other options for a vehicle color changes, vinyl wrap is more affordable, durable, and reliable and offers a range of color options that aren't available with any [...]

The Best Vinyl Wrap in the UK

At Vivid Wraps our certified installers are the best in the business when it comes to the professional installation of an automotive vinyl wrap. We can install vinyl wrap in any application, but our specialty is color change vinyl wraps, racing stripes, vinyl graphics, hood and roof vinyl wraps. Our installers have many years of experience working [...]

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Debunking Car Wrapping Myths

Vehicle wraps are one of the most effective and affordable marketing options businesses can use to increase brand awareness. However, car wraps are still a new concept in the marketing industry. Therefore, there is a lot of misinformation about it and a lot of varied and conflicting opinions. Unfortunately, such inaccurate information mostly affects startup [...]

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